Looking Up

Looking up on East 43rd Street and Lexington Avenue.

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Chrysler pas de deux

A Spring day in the Big Apple.

Looking toward 3rd Avenue on the north side of East 43rd Street.

I didn’t see the two Chryslers until I looked at the photo I had snapped.

Taken with my iPhone.

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Union Square Station- Election aftermath 

More than 3 weeks since our presidential election…

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Coney Island Sky

Taken with an iPhone 5s.  With temperatures warm in the 70s the boardwalk was buzzing with activity.

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NYC Shuttle in black and white

Much more fun than the usual commute, the Shuttle is wrapped inside and out with great black and white drawings as part of an advertising campaign. Just one stop.
The Shuttle connects Times Square to Grand Central Station.






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Cloud Cover

The cloud cover of One World Trade Center


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Mariners at Sunset


The silhouette of Marisol’s sculpture of American merchant mariners during World War Two sits in the water of New York Harbor, at the base of Battery Park, across from the silhouette of Pier A on a steamy hot summer evening.

Read more about the story behind Marisol’s moving sculpture here:

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The View from under the Bridge



The view from under the Verrazano Bridge on three different days.

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Cotton Sky


A cotton blanket above Union Square Monday afternoon.

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Mosaic Eyes Underground

At the Park Place/Chambers Street/World Trade Center subway station you will encounter “Oculus” by Kristin Jones, Andrew Ginzel and Rinaldo Piras. Three hundred individual mosaic eyes look down from the walls of this station. Each small mosaic gem represents an actual eye inspired by photos of eyes and no two are alike.
New York City subway stations are now home to some very inspiring works of art.


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